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VIDEOS: Criterium & Endurance Laps

July 1, 2016

Luke Harrop Memorial CircuitIf you’d like to get a feel for the criterium circuit, here is a VIDEO. It is a 1.3km circuit and will be used on 9th July 2016 for both relay and criterium races. Criterium is 10.4km – 8 laps. This was recorded at a slow kicking speed of about 12kph.

By the way, in this photo you can see how close the beach is – the skyscrapers just left of the middle!

And here is a one lap  VIDEO of the endurance circuit being used for the 40km endurance event on Sunday 10th July 2016 at Gaven Central on the Gold Coast. This lap was recorded at about 14kph average, giving you plenty of time to view the surroundings.

Endurance Circuit

REMEMBER we normally drive on the LHS of the road, so when we were travelling on the RHS of the road, we had to stay further right than you will be racing on the day, to avoid the traffic!

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