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Volunteers: Behind The Scenes Angels

July 14, 2016

IMG_1992There were many public “faces” of the 2016 World Footbike Championships and equally many private behind the scenes angels, without which the event could not have gone ahead in the way that it did. We’d like to bring those to your attention here, hopefully including everyone in some way. Arguably the most recognisable “voice” of the event was that of Mr Ken Baldwin. He generously gave his time and equipment for the whole 3 days. We also remember he gave time and equipment at our Rock of Ages Music Trivia Fundraiser back in May.

IMG_1767 President of the Australian Footbike Association Inc Bruce Cook and Secretary Lyn Cook have been tirelessly working in the background for several years to bring the event to reality. They’ve been supported by other committee members Jo Hassan, Jane Nimmo, David Bye and Judith Jardine (pictured below).

IMG_1759   IMG_6604

IMG_0805   IMG_6585 At the event, some other volunteers were more visible than others. After 3 days of being the Starter, Hass Hassan had nearly lost his voice and after 3 days of giving free massages, Su Tindall from Wellness on the Move probably felt like having a massage herself!

IMG_1169   IMG_1584 In these volunteer photos are Denis Keating (with Jo Hassan), Jenny Delgado, Karen McGowan, Kathy Cook, Graeme Cook, Kay Wichgers, Frank Wichgers, Hass Hassan, Earl Gibson, Sharon Anderson and Matt Wade.

k80   IMG_1946 For the Endurance racing on Sunday, we needed a couple of motorcycles and Graeme Cook and Steve Osburn did the honours. We were also grateful for the help on Sunday of John Purcell, David McKinnon and James Maher.

IMG_6558   IMG_1669

IMG_1750    IMG_0376Throughout the event Ali Hassan took some great photos including this one that was good enough for the Dutch media! Stay tuned for thousands of photos to be uploaded to the Gallery! Thanks also to Lucky Kalaf… apologies we don’t believe we have any photos of you from the weekend even though you were there …

IMG_6588   IMG_6616

IMG_1228   IMG_6685

A FINAL THANK YOU once more to our amazing volunteers. We couldn’t have hosted the 2016 World Footbike Championships without your help.


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