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Buy this special ‘designer’ footbike…

June 27, 2016


One of our Dutch athletes has decided to leave their footbike here after competing in the Footbike World Championships. The frame is made from alloy and it’s designed and built by Martin Bonder in the Netherlands. It has been used during competition for a couple of years and has been responsible for a number of victories. The paint shows a bit of wear due to its race pedigree but that adds to the character!

It will be available as a complete footbike so ready to ride. The wheels (not shown in this picture) will be freshly serviced Shimano RS10 in black with new tyres. It will also include a water bottle and bike computer. The footbike has been completely serviced before the event and will be in good technical condition.

And it’s worth mentioning that this type of footbike is designed with race use in mind and therefore less suitable for heavy people (no offence intended).

This is a great opportunity for the right kicker – just $400!

If you have any interest or questions about this footbike you can contact the owner Hermien Koers via facebook.

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