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Swim BETWEEN The Flags and No Kicking On The Beach!

July 6, 2016

Kickbike and Beach FlagYou probably don’t need to be told that kicking ON the beautiful Gold Coast beaches is not a good idea. You may need reminding though that if you decide to swim please only do so on PATROLLED BEACHES and KEEP BETWEEN THE FLAGS!!!

Unfortunately the surf can be deceiving and dozens of tourists drown every year because ocean that looks calm can have a very strong undercurrent that we call a “rip” and even strong swimmers can quickly get “sucked” out to sea. If you’re not on a beach where help is available quickly then fatalities are more likely to occur.

We do want you to have FUN though so please re-read “Why can’t I swim where I want to?” on the FAQ tab of the website.

Lifeguards (This image courtesy of Gold Coast Tourism.)

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