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The family that kicks together…

April 1, 2016 0 Comments

November 2011

Meet the Jardine family of Brisbane. Dad John is a senior engineer in a global company. Mum, Judith is a registered teacher who is mainly running around doing things for her family. Oldest son Christopher is now 19 and works full time. Alenna is 18 and in her second year at university studying Primary Health and Physical Education. Luke is studying in year 12 and training in the fitness industry. Cara is in year 11 and is training towards and competing in high level athletic events.

The Jardine family have been kicking together for many years. Judith decided back in 2005 that she needed to find something different for her own fitness. She even tried Nordic walking but it wasn’t for her. Remembering how much she loved riding scooters as a child eventually lead her to the Kickbike Australia website and the beginning of a new family craze.

Although it took a few more years to really get into it, the family are now the proud owners of 4 Kickbike Millenium racers, 1 Kickbike Race Max and a Kickbike G4 Cross.

When the kids were younger, they were dragged out of bed, oops sorry, they enthusiastically jumped out of bed to join their parents on the weekend early morning group rides. As they got older and had more commitments, Saturday jobs, etc, it was just Mum and Dad who went on the occasional morning group ride. Leading up to the World Championships, both are trying to get fitter and faster, doing various rides on bike tracks around Brisbane.

Running is the other sport in which the Jardine children do well.  The combination of footbiking and running has worked really well as a joint training regime and has helped to improve fitness levels and times for both on the track and in Cross Country. For the last 4 years, the family has footbiked to a local Regional athletics carnival as part of the warm up. So with many running events on the calendar leading up to the World Championships, footbiking will play a big part in preparations and the Jardine family looks forward to competing at the first World Championships in Australia.

They hope to see you there in July, especially if you’re behind them!!!

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